Suka Monster

Suka Monster is the family cat.
He’s basically the kid and changes the Davidson’s from a couple into a family. We adopted Suka in April 2005 from Vicky’s Pet Connection. His name was actually “Chevy”, but a Siamese and Maine Coon mixed feline needs a good oriental sounding name … and the name “Chevy” is worse than “tiger” or “spot”!

Ronda picked him out. He was in a cage separated from the rest of the animals because he didn’t play nice with others. It said so on his cage. I gave Ronda 3 items I did not want in a cat..
1) No Siamese
2) Female and not a Male
3) At least the front paws declawed
… well, we ended up with a male Siamese cat with all his claws. Suka was about a year old when we adopted him and it isn’t recommended that you declaw a cat at that age.

When we got him he was recovering from getting neutered and was pretty skinny from what looked like improper care. It took him a few days to get adjusted to the new family and there were a few rough patches. I remember calling Ronda at work and letting her know that the cat was pushing my buttons with some bathroom issues and it was either shape up or you’re shipped out! Suka got in line with the program and turned out to be a very healthy and smart cat. Of course, I might have had a little to do with that by telling Suka that our house “..has gotta be better than death row”. (Vickie’s pet Connection rescues a lot of animals scheduled for termination .. all right euthanasia)
So as the years have gone by the weight has gone up, the hair has deepened in color (it’s very soft, too) and he has become pretty impressive in the intelligence area. This cat is pretty smart. He is timid to strangers, hates if the doorbell is used but loves to hang out with the family. I take him outside with me often and he listens very well to staying in the yard or coming in when it is time. Ronda has some issues with him not listening but I seem to get good results.

Suka has a bunch of toys around the house and enjoys just about anything. You get a package delivered … he loves the box! You get new slippers … he loves the new ones AND especially the old ones! You read the paper of a magazine … he needs some reading material to lay on! He loves the sale fliers and cartoons. We put a short cat condo in front of a window in our living room and he gets to watch a tree right outside the window when he sits in the top. Our living room has a bay window in front and before Suka came along it had photos and various items in it … now it is bare because that is “cat territory”. Anything up there is destined for the floor! He has a fleece line “tube” that is one of his favorite items to play and sleep in. He loves to “shoot-the-tube” which means when he gets wound up and wants to run around the house he makes sure he wiggles and then sprints through that tube every chance he gets.

Yeah – Ronda and I think cats are pretty cool. Some people like them and some people don’t but like any pet, they are really only as good as the time and energy you spend with them. Quality time equals quality pet. We hope you get a smile from some of the photos Suka has on this site.

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Animal shelter and recuse organization we adopted Suka from

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