Ronda Davidson

Ronda painting some ceramics in her craft room

Ronda Davidson is the lady of the house and likes to hang out with the ‘kitty kitty’. She grew up in Holland, Michigan and after working in Grand Rapids for several years finally moved there. Was the move because of the job or a guy she was dating? Probably both .. she did end up married to the guy.

Ronda has a nice craft room where she works on ceramics, scrapbooking and other crafts. Yep. I said crafts in the craft room. We do have an office in the basement but Ronda seemed to like the craft room better so we setup her office in the craft room, too. It makes it convenient since it is off the living room upstairs. She has been knitting quite an assortment of cool fun-fur scarves and has kept a few but most are gifts. Sometimes she sells a few of them.