Welcome to the Davidson family website.

Our family is small and has 3 immediate members:
Terry Davidson, Ronda Davidson and Suka Monster
…2 humans and a feline.

Among the pages of this site you can learn a little about our lives, the interests we have and maybe stumble upon a link to something interesting to you. Here at terrydavidson.com we do not make a product, offer a service or sell you merchandise. We share a smile with you and invite you into our world for a brief visit. Today there are so many social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and more that people can use to create an online presence but you can’t beat an updated website!

It may be more complicated than most computer savvy people can work with but it definitely provides greater usability and presence.

So take a look around. We hope you enjoy the editorials, the pictures, the information and the links. Maybe you will be inspired to “go-green” … and get a cat!